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After tests, a veterinarian confirmed that Sasha has hydrocephalus, 'a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull.'The puppy's brain is only about a third the size it should be, and she has been plagued with other health issues since she was born as well.Sasha developed an upper respiratory infection, a urinary tract infection, and has some orthopedic issues, making her survival an uphill battle.'The owner recognized she had a cleft palate and lip and wanted to try and save her,' Courtney explained to The Dodo.'He brought her to my house and she was so tiny and fragile.' Courtney knew Sasha would have to be tube-fed because of her cleft lip and palate, so she called Marie, an experienced veterinary nurse practitioner who has cared for neonatal, injured and critically ill kittens.

A kindhearted foster mom has refused to give up on a tiny pit bull who was born with a series of serious health complications, and she is happy to report the pup is defying all odds.Bellew made the decision to drive Sasha up to Marie's home in New York, and for the trip she kept the puppy wrapped up in blankets in a box and created a makeshift heating pad by putting rice in a sock to keep her warm.Upon receiving the puppy, Marie noticed something strange about Sasha's head; it looked too big compared to her small body.'She's defying all the odds and she's proven that she wants to be here,' Marie shared.Today, Sasha is three and a half months old, and weighs just one pound, nine ounces, making her unable to receive life-saving surgeries as she's not big enough yet.

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