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4-5 December 2008 Event: Martin Cohen of Company Seven is guest of the Worchester Polytechnic Institute "Integrative Materials Design Center" speaking on the subject of "Long Distance Microscopy for Materials Evaluation".The WPI Integrative Materials Design Center (i Mdc) is formed through an industry/government-university alliance, and its program is built in direct collaboration and with active participation and insight from its industrial/government partners.A look at the technology of amateur astronomy -- and what you might discover by just looking up." To read an more in depth review of the program with links to the program Web Site and a link to download the program in Real Audio file format please click here.

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While this was a good "practice run" for us, the seeing conditions were marginal with notable humidity and sky glow.9 August 2007 Company Seven Acquires Biosphere 2 Astronomical Observatory. The system will be relocated to Maryland and established as part of our own science education facility.20 March 2007 Company Seven supporting NASA annual 'Sun-Earth Day 2007' educational activities.This is a ruggedized and shock/vibration resistant catadioptric system with all optical components made fully quartz (fused silica), and with superbly engineered and applied high transmission coatings optimized for its designed transmission application.In order to maintain perfect focus at all operating temperatures the construction of the tube assembly and many mechanical components are largely of Invar, an ultra-low expansion aerospace grade alloy.

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