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Select Scenes from the Colonization of Africa You are French and are on an expedition to claim more land for the glory of France.

You are traveling 300 miles up a large river in Africa from the Atlantic coast.

Unfortunately you realize the next day the cause of all the sandbars – a huge set of rapids has brought the sand to this part of the river where it was deposited in the slow moving water at the bottom of the rapids.



The interior of Africa is a large plateau so the continent’s rivers tend to be fast movingas they seek the coast creating many impassable rapids and waterfalls.It was still trying to solidify its nationhood 90 years after it had begun its fight for independence. Instead the results of the war actually helped to strengthen the power of the federal government over the independent states and the US forged ahead as a powerful unified country.Most African nations are undergoing this process of nation building.It is meant to be an introductory activity to European Imperialism in Africa.A group randomly selects one of the scenes and acts it out in front of the class.

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